Tom Johnson

I recently bought a house and the kitchen was really filthy. I booked Specialist Oven Cleaners to do a deep clean and they were amazing! Their cleaners were so efficient. When they left I could have eaten off the floor, never mind anything else. My new kitchen was so clean it looked new. Thanks so much!

Joan Avina

My kids cooked me lunch one day. I really appreciated their efforts and the result was quite tasty. But my cooker top was in a terrible state with burnt on food spills. The oven looked as though a food bomb had gone off in it! The team from Specialist Oven Cleaners was fantastic. They had it all sparkling clean in no time!

John Doe

Thanks, Specialist Oven Cleaners, for coming to my rescue when a tenant moved out and left my flat, especially the kitchen, in a complete mess! I had a new tenant due to move in and I had no time to sort the flat out myself. Your cleaners arrived and cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom so that it was sparkling and ready. I’ll definitely use your services again.

Gordon Dale

Thanks for sorting the kitchen in our house. The appliances looked like new again and the place didn’t smell of ammonia or anything like that when they finished. Thumbs up from us!

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