Give pork a summer treatment with this fresh recipe

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Give pork a summer treatment with this fresh recipe

If there is one thing your summer dinners could use, it is a bit of extra flavour to pork meat. One fantastic way to add it is by utilising the Italian method of cooking pork with milk and cavolo nero. The major upside of this preparation method is the fact that it makes the meat deliciously tender. It is the perfect addition to any hot summer evening, whether you are dining with your loved ones or with friends.

Here is what you will need for this meal:

Italian Style Pork

  • 750g. pork loin (rind still attached);
  • 175g. unsalted butter;
  • 4 sliced garlic cloves;
  • 2tbsp. olive oil;
  • Few sage leaves;
  • 1.5 l. milk;
  • 2 lemons, cut in half;
  • 500g. peeled potatoes;
  • 1 head chopped cavolo nero.

Follow this step-by-step cooking process:

Pork Recipes

  1. Preheat the oven to 160 C.
  2. Heat most of the butter and oil in an oven-proof casserole. Place the pork loin with the fat side down and cook till you see a golden crisp. Remember, you should use a lidded casserole to reduce the need for oven cleaning after the dish is done.
  3. Remove pork from the dish; leave it aside for now. Fry garlic and sage for a couple of minutes. Squeeze juice from the lemon and drop in the rest of the fruit. Add in the milk and bring the mix to a boil.
  4. Season the meat with salt and black pepper. Put it into the milk, fat side up. Add in the potatoes and cook the ready dish in the oven for one – one and a half hour, until the meat gets tender.
  5. Time to cook the cavolo nero. Heat the rest of the butter in a frying pan. Once it is hot, add the cavolo nero with a few tablespoons of water. Cook till it is wilted.
  6. Remove the pork meat from the sauce and slice it. Place in a plate, pour the sauce and serve with the cavolo nero.

And just like that, you have made wonderfully delicious pork with milk and cavolo nero. It is a great meal you can enjoy any summer evening.

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