5 of the messiest oven dishes you can ever cook

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October 30, 2017
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Lasagna recipe
January 9, 2018
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5 of the messiest oven dishes you can ever cook

Undoubtedly, cooking can be a lot of fun. You know just how good it is to prepare something homemade to match your tastes and preferences. Well, sometimes it turns out that this little something could prove to be a messy dish that makes a complete mess of the oven.

Now, you should not let a little mess stop you from cooking your favourite meal or from spending time in the kitchen mixing ingredients. Instead, you can merely take note of some dirty dishes and possibly take measures to ensure the mess is minimal. After all, cooking is really fun; oven cleaning not so much.

Here are the foods you must be careful about:

  • Burgers and sausages – when it comes to meat fat, the war can pretty much never be won. Fat from sausages and burgers has the nasty habit of splattering and spitting everywhere, once the temperature hits them. There is hardly a way around this. Since sausages are part of several traditional British dishes, you can only try to minimise the damage. Preferably, you should place the meat in a large tray with big enough sides. That will keep a large part of the fat contained.
  • Messiest Oven DishesCheesy dishes – lasagna, macaroni cheese and cheesy pasta bake: these have many things in common. For one, they are all super tasty. Another characteristic is the cheese ingredient, which tends to be notorious among ovens for its mess-causing properties. It will not take it long before it heats enough to start bubbling over the confines of the dish. If you are not keeping an eye on the dish, you may find cheese splattered all over the interior. A sight like that will instantly make you call the oven cleaners.  
  • Homemade pizza – no matter how you cook homemade pizza, there is always some risk. If you are using the rack only (hint: this is a terrible idea), you have dripping through to worry about. If you are using a dish, you can expect the cheese to bubble up and over its edge. You have had to invest an hour in oven cleaning after a pizza mess; you best learn how to take preventive measures. Always put the pizza in a tray and line the bottom with a baking sheet or another tray.
  • Roast dishes – pork, turkey, lamb and chicken … makes your mouth water, doesn’t it? If your oven could speak, it would probably tell you that it hates all of these dishes. Roast tends to cause fat to splatter across the entire interior. If you do not want a mini heart attack when you open the door, use a roasting bag. It will keep the oven clean and without a single drip and spill of fat.
  • Raspberry and apple crumble – pudding does not match a homemade crumble. However, almost no other dishes match the mess a crumble can create inside the oven. Cleaning raspberries and oats from the oven interior are not cool at all.

It is worth it to look for ways to improve cooking these dishes or at least be more careful. That way you will avoid making a mess out of your oven and spare yourself some oven cleaning effort.

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