How to keep your oven clean during cooking?

How to gain an advantage when it comes to oven cleaning? - oven cleaning tips tricks
How to gain an advantage when it comes to oven cleaning?
March 30, 2017
Common problems of a dirty oven - oven cleaning tips
Common problems of a dirty oven
May 19, 2017

If you are a cooking enthusiast and you like to mix delicious meals at home, you are probably already familiar with the fact that to keep your oven clean is definitely not an easy task. This means that it gets messy quickly, which in turn means that you need to spend time cleaning it. This can be a bothersome chore, considering that oven cleaning is not easy to begin with, nor does it take just a little time.

You probably aren’t a fan of cleaning the oven and you wish to keep it spotless for longer. Even when you are using it extensively, it is wise to think of some creative ways to do that. You can rely on professional oven cleaners, but the trick is to minimise the need to clean as a whole. Here are a few ways you can do that, which will save you time in the long run.

How to keep your oven clean?

  • Roast bags – by now you must have noticed that cooking meat has its dangers in the form of splatters and spills. Still, you can prevent all of that with the help of roasting bags. Just put any meat and fish when you are cooking and you will no longer need to tackle spills and splatters. Additionally, you can also use this trick when cooking vegetables.
  • Oven sheets – oven sheets are a brilliant invention for a good reason. They don’t cost that much and are available for purchase in pretty much every store. You can use them to line the base of the oven when cooking and count on them to do a wonderful job at repelling splatters. They don’t stick and come in different sizes to match different oven interiors. Some people like to use aluminium foil. But that can be a bit problematic in that the material can prevent heat from moving up.
  • Place meals on a tray – oven trays are a good option if you want to prevent the unnecessary spills that occur over time. Additionally, placing the meal on a tray enables you to easily take it out. That is in case you are cooking something that is not strictly determined by time in the oven.
  • Clean with steam – ‘cooking’ a bowl of water in the oven has a positive effect on the whole cleaning process. Why would you ever do that? Well, the steam from the water, when cooked on high for about 10 minutes, can do wonders against the accumulated grease. It will loosen the spoils, making them super easy to wipe down with a clean cloth. Just wait for the interior to cool down after heating the water. And you can deal with the annoying chore in no more than 5 minutes. You can use this method for cleaning your microwave too. Except the water should be heated for no more than 5 minutes, because the interior of the microwave is smaller.

These tips all work well enough and are not difficult to implement in your daily cooking routine. Remember that to keep your oven clean can be easy, if you follow such simple rules.

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